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Manager: J5 Generational Wealth Fund, LLC &
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Founder: Lawyer2Warrior & Website Legal Pages
Co-Founder: Digital Compliance Alliance
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Scott at the European Court of Human Rights with Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
Not Your Average "Blow Through Law School, Pass The Bar & Hang A Shingle" Attorney...
  •   Turned down multiple full scholarships to Law School (including Tier 1 Wake Forest) to follow   the path he felt God was leading
  •    Strong background in legal drafting, transactional work, contracts, real property, wills, trusts,   estates, asset protection, and business entity formation & agreements
  •  Studied International Law in Strasbourg, France at the University of Strasbourg         (founded in 1538 and the location of the signing of the treaty creating the Council of Europe)
  •  Was based in Sofia, Bulgaria working on a case before the European Court of Human Rights                    (involving the Bulgarian Orthodox Church) and surveying the legal process during travels to Turkey, Romania, and Greece... while also commuting to conferences in England
  (Email received from General Ashcroft in response to Scott giving him
a copy of Greg Boyd's book: The Myth Of A Christian Nation)
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Practical, Cost-Effective Solutions For The Most Daunting Aspects Of Running A Legitimate, Long-Term,
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Cut & Paste Website Legal Pages
Used by employees at the U.S. Capitol in D.C., Website Legal Pages offers the perfect "cut & paste" solution for website owners looking for lawyer-grade legal drafting to protect them & their web visitors... without hiring a personal attorney to create custom documents & without breaking the bank on these "housekeeping" matters it'd be imprudent to ignore.
The LLC Simplicity System
Designed to "protect you from your business & your business from you," LLC Simplicity lets you discover how I leverage the luxury of legitimate asset protection through the ideal business structure to safeguard everything I’ve worked my whole life for from frivolous attacks on my business & ALSO ensure my business can continue even if my personal world falls apart…
Legal Shield Matrix Website Audit
Legal docs aren't enough! Let a lawyer apply our "Legal Shield Matrix" & scrutinize your website for points of weakness and exposure. We'll provide detailed actions you cant take regarding matters related to claims, privacy, testimonials, security, business structuring, email compliance, asset protection, personal safety and intellectual property! You'll receive a custom, personalized video spelling out pointers for reducing your risk & completing your website fortification.  It's the best investment you can make in ensuring your business is built on a firm, legally-compliant foundation!
Marketing Insights Web Critique
Most websites are merely an online billboard or brochure, rather than a strategic digital marketing tool that works 24/7 without getting paid or calling in sick. Our Marketing Insights Web Critique is a custom, recorded video assessment where we evaluate your website using multi-faceted metrics to assign a "conversion score grade." You'll receive precise, direct feedback on the steps you can take to stop the traffic "leaks," heighten visitor engagement & consumption, and elevate the capacity for your website to sell your products & service and generate more customers!
Scott at the Fort Smith, AR Farmer's Market on air with Tommy Street from the Fort Smith Radio-TV Group in Spring 2018 (RE: his 25,000 plants!)
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  •  A digital marketing attorney: 98%
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  •  A digital marketing attorney, turned commercial strawberry grower... who has never, ever owned a cell phone in his entire life: 100%
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Website Privacy Policy Outdated, "Borrowed" (From Another Site)
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Fix That NOW: Let A Lawyer Draft It... FREE (Bonus Social Media Doc)
"You'll Fit Right In Here If..."
You'd benefit from the help of a seasoned digital marketer with a broad professional & online/offline business background, sales & marketing experience, & web development expertise and/or,
You'd appreciate the perspective of a lawyer, promoted by Internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker Brian Tracy, who can legitimately assist in digital compliance, business entities & asset protection and/or,
You'd enjoy the fellowship of a Christian libertarian father of five homeschooled boys who loves the
"5 Gs" - God, Gold, Guns, Gardens... and Groups of similarly-situated entrepreneurs (including newbies!)
Scott, morbidly curious as to whether this 2-disc set of Microsoft FrontPage 2000 CDs could actually produce a website some 2 decades later?

Digital Lawyer Evolution: Fun Facts 
  •  1999: Paid $7,500 to have his first website built (while hoarding bullets & bullion for Y2K)
  •  2000: Built his first website (using Microsoft FrontPage 2000!) for an RV Park in Oklahoma after Y2K didn't kill every computer on the planet (and he had enough cornbread mix to feed an army)
  •  2001: Built his second website (again, using FrontPage!) when he started The AZ Buffalo Co. - Arizona's first & only private buffalo hunting outfit
  •  2005: Built his third website in 2005 (CriminalHunter.com) after accidentally shooting a doe, reporting it to Game & Fish, and subsequently facing criminal charges for the same!
  •  2006: Began "internet marketing," selling LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) hacks on eBay
(NOTE: He's also in complete & utter disbelief that this is what we had to
go through to produce & publish websites "back in the day.")
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Website Legal Pages were promoted to a worldwide audience in 2013 via a partnership with internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker Brian Tracy
Website Legal Pages History At-A-Glance: 
  •  2009: Drafted the first version of Website Legal Pages for his PBN (private blog network) in the financial niche
  •  2011: Publicly launched WebsiteLegalPages.com
  •  2013: Website Legal Pages promoted by Brian Tracy
  •  2015-2018: Detour into horticulture
  •  2018: Partnered with long-time friend & attorney to form the Digital Compliance Alliance (DCA)
  •  2019: Complete merger of Lawyer2Warrior & Website Legal Pages into DCA  
  (Turning down the opportunity to work with a well-respected attorney - and good friend -
in order to focus on formulating what would become the Digital Compliance Alliance.)
Just "Wingin' It" & Hoping To Fly Under The Radar & Dodge Bullets?
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